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Research Articles

Forest fires in Italy - Analysis of trends based on 50 years of observations

Notarangelo M

vol. 21, pp. 1-6 - online: 02, 16 J - doi: 10.3832/efor4479-020

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Book Reviews

The role of Quercus trojana Webb in the biodiversity of Murgia Materana Park

Castellaneta M

vol. 21, pp. 7 - online: 02, 16 J - doi: 10.3832/efor0044-020

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Twenty years later

Borghetti M, Bucci G

vol. 21, pp. 8-9 - online: 02, 27 J - doi: 10.3832/efor0043-021

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Review Papers

Caring for the forests of an inland area in the era of climate change: a case study of Basilicata, Southern Italy

Borghetti M, Ferrara A, Moretti N, Nolè A, Pierangeli D, Ripullone F, Todaro L

vol. 21, pp. 10-36 - online: 02, 28 M - doi: 10.3832/efor0042-021

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Commentaries & Perspectives

Managing wildfires in Italy: overcoming the emergency, planning the prevention

La Mela Veca DS, Piroli E, Bacciu V, Barbera G, Brunori A, Calvani G, Delogu GM, Elia M, La Mantia T, Laschi A, Lovreglio R, Masiero M, Salis M, Tonarelli L, Motta R, Ascoli D

vol. 21, pp. 37-47 - online: 02, 08 M - doi: 10.3832/efor4606-021

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